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It will be a palate-pleasing good time June 7 from 5 to 10 pm at Berry Hill resort, with fresh, tasteful food, a bevy of beverages, and of course, cantaloupe, thanks to sponsorship and support from Halifax County Farm Bureau.

Tickets are on sale and going fast for the 33rd Annual Virginia Cantaloupe Festival, and this year's festival menu is sure to tickle your taste buds. Food will be prepared by Berry Hill Resort and Executive Chef Jason Collie is creating plenty of choices. The menu will include slow-cooked pulled pork barbeque sandwiches, Tavern pups (hushpuppies with corn, cheese and jalapenos), homemade potato chips, homemade coleslaw, and grilled vegetables. Festival goers' plates will be made-to-order at the food stations to ensure the food they enjoy is hot and delicious.

Beverages will be provided by Danville Distributing and beer choices will include Budweiser, Bud Light, Starr Hill and Stella Artois. New additions to the beverage list this year are Lime-A-Ritas, for those people craving a margarita-type drink, and Copa Di Vino, for the wine lovers. Danville Distributing will also provide Calypso, a non-alcoholic line of flavored lemonades.

Still, a lot of folks are asking, "But what about the cantaloupe?" Well, the Halifax County Chamber of Commerce Cantaloupe Festival Planning Committee continues to be enthusiastic about the event's success and local businesses and organizations continue to show their support, among them Halifax County Farm Bureau.

"We've chosen to show our support for the Virginia Cantaloupe Festival and glad we can help bring cantaloupes to the day's event," said Scott Crowder, president of Halifax County Farm Bureau. "We are even more pleased to see the voucher system the Chamber has created and we hope to see everyone redeeming their voucher when local melons come in. We have so many people who buy locally grown products and for us as producers it means a lot. We hope as people redeem those vouchers they'll find plenty more locally grown products to take home and enjoy."

Each Cantaloupe Festival-goer will receive a voucher which can be presented at Hudson Farm or Reese's Farm to receive their Virginia cantaloupe when local melons become available.

Tickets to this year's event can be purchased at the Chamber office, South Boston-Halifax County Visitors Center, WAKG and online at

from the Gazette-Virginian